Finding Your Zen

In a day and age where we are all running at a million miles per hour, there is nothing better than finding a way to relax. Wellness products and brands are popping up thick and fast, offering all kinds of treatments and remedies, but some of the simplest things are the best, to help you find your zen.

The founders of tonic australia have always specialised in finding balance in everything they do. Running a business that is now celebrating 25 years, Nikki Horovitz and Toni Joel are both well practiced in finding ways to calm and soothe the soul in amongst a hectic schedule. Here are their tips for finding your calm:


1) Remember to breathe:

Many people breathe more rapidly when they’re busy. Breathing is something we do not even realise we are doing and it’s not until we feel a little stressed or under the pump, our breathing can quicken and we can feel dizzy and flustered. Breathing properly – slowly in, slowly out – has been shown to really calm the body and mind. It may sound very straightforward, to tell someone to breathe properly, but it really is quite simple!


2) Use herbs, natural fragrance and scents to assist you:

Products that include natural lavender such as heat pillows to provide warmth and comfort, or an eye mask with lavender and herbs as a filling to cover the eyes for a quick five-minute rest, can do wonders. Aromatherapy has been well-known to assist people to discover, and benefit from, relaxing or invigorating fragrances such as lemongrass, chamomile, lavender and bergamot. Get yourself some fragrant products (ideally naturally fragranced) and inhale the beautiful scents! While the benefits may be subtle, they can be of assistance to your wellbeing.




3) Learn mindfulness and meditation:

When you’re busy, it can feel like there is never a way through to the end of your ‘to do’ list. Whether you work as a dedicated employee or are running your own business, you’re probably also busy with family and friend commitments plus trying to have a personal life. Learning mindfulness and meditation – such as visualising a place that is relaxing, or being mindful of everything you hear, touch and smell – can help bring you back into the moment and calm both body and mind.


4) Listen to calming sounds and music:

Music has been shown again and again in various articles and over generations to be of benefit to the mood. Try putting on your favourite music when you’re feeling ‘too busy’ or find a soundtrack that provides you with a feeling of calm. Keep it handy for those hectic moments.

Keeping calm in a world that is just getting busier and is ‘on’ 24/7 is no easy feat. But if you try even just one of the above suggestions, it could help you find your calm and happy place.



Every little bit counts; good luck!