5 Bedroom Decor Ideas For Every Interior Style – as featured on www.mydeal.com.au/blog/post/bedroom-decor-essentials

When you think of a bedroom, you think of it as a place to sleep. Did you know that you can improve your quality of sleep with a few changes in your surroundings? Here are five essentials for every bedroom.


Peaceful Surroundings
The easiest way to relax after a long day is surrounding yourself with calming colours. Pale, neutral hues are a foolproof technique for easy sleep, as well as keeping your stress levels down and making sure you’re ready for the day ahead. Colours such as blues and greys will keep you calm and centred, so you can focus on sleeping, rather than the stresses of the day. Avoid dark colours such as black, as they will disrupt your circadian rhythm in the morning, which may make it harder to wake up. Cheryl Fingleson, from The Sleep Coach, discusses the importance of colour in your bedroom. “Many surveys have been carried out on which colours are best for a bedroom to achieve good sleep. A colour that always seems to top the list is blue (Watery blues that remind you of the blue sky or of the water are the most stress-reducing colours) followed closely by moss green (nature, calm and refreshed), pale yellow (fresh, airy and relaxing) and pale silver/grey (creates a calm and relaxing environment) leaving us a good number of colours to choose from for a beautiful restful bedroom. While talking about colours we cannot omit mentioning lighting, as this is very important when unwinding and trying to get ready for bed. In spite of the colour red often being associated with energy, when used with lighting encourages the production of melatonin, relaxation and calmness.” You can find out more about the Sleep Coach by following them on Facebook.

Embrace The Light
A lot of natural light is essential for a calm and peaceful bedroom. As mentioned earlier, your circadian rhythm may be disrupted with darker colours, as they increase your melatonin levels, making you sleepier. Surrounding yourself with light when you wake up can help improve your mood throughout the day and help you sleep better at night.


Comfy Sheets
You want to feel relaxed and ready for sleep when you jump into bed, so why settle for anything other than comfortable sheets? No matter what colour you go for, you should make sure our doona cover, pillows and sheets are silky, soft and comfortable. You’ll feel settled as soon as you get into bed, and you won’t have to wriggle around trying to find that perfect position. Kamila Scholz from The Good Sheet recommends the best sheets for a restful night. “The benefits of a proper rest are many, from clarity of mind to improved mood and overall health. If you’ve tried everything including a darkened room, meditation and avoiding caffeine and still have trouble sleeping, it might just be your sheets that are coming between you and a good night’s sleep. Choose sheets that are made from natural fibres such as Egyptian Cotton because they are highly breathable and help regulate your body temperature throughout the night. Egyptian Cotton sheets have long fibres which produce sheets that are lightweight, smooth and supple yet very strong and less likely to pill. A percale weave is cool and crisp and especially great for people who suffer from night sweats as they keep you cool and dry and sleeping comfortably. Avoid thread counts over 400 as they are less breathable due to their tighter weave. Improve your sleep environment with quality sheets because better sleep starts with better sheets.” Find out more about The Good Sheet by following them on Facebook and Instagram.


You need somewhere that you can have for yourself. Whether you live alone or with someone, everyone needs their privacy. You can keep blockout curtains drawn when you get changed or divide the room with a screen. Screens also make for a focal point; choose a design that reflects your style. They’re also a great place to keep your clothes (or hide the mess) if guests come over! Even privacy while you sleep can help you count sheep faster, and the owners of tonic australia, Toni Joel and Nikki Horovitz has the perfect advice for those who need some privacy while they sleep. “Our heat pillows are made from barley and lavender, meaning they smell nice now and always (unlike heat packs made from wheat). Perfect for relaxing your muscles and keeping your bed warm and comfortable.” Find out more about tonic australia by following them on Facebook and Instagram.


Somewhere To Sit (That Isn’t Your Bed)
You don’t have to always sit on your bed, that can make you sleepy. If you want to read a book, work on your laptop or twiddle your thumbs, designate a separate seat from your bed, that can help you concentrate and not fall asleep. With this in mind, you shouldn’t be spending too much time in the bedroom doing things that aren’t associated with your bed. Clinical Nutritionist and Naturopath, Ross Walter offers his advice for those who need better sleep. “Minimise things in your house or bedroom which are likely to disturb your sleep – this includes electronic devices such as mobile phones, your WiFi modem, and other electronic devices. Having these devices on at night has been shown in research to disrupt your brain wave patterns and affect your sleep. So turn these off before you go to bed!” Follow Ross and find out more amazing advice by following him on Facebook.

Your bedroom is a place for sleep and relaxation, so you should make sure that you’re in a place that will help you sleep and unwind from the stresses of the day. No matter what your aesthetic is, you should incorporate these five essentials into your bedroom.