Tonic Relax Scented Sachet Dove (51012)

Calm the senses with tonic Relax Scented Sachets, made from 100% linen with a soothing blend of locally-sourced rosemary, juniper berries, chamomile flowers and lavender.  They are perfect partners for your wardrobes, drawers, linen cupboards, clothes dryer or car interior, leaving each area smelling fresh and bug free.  

Dimensions: 1 x 14 x 4 cm
Weight: 50g

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Our tonic Australia Relax Scented Sachets keep your home smelling fresh and lovely all year round. These multi-purpose sachets are made from 100% linen & filled with locally sourced rosemary, juniper berries, chamomile flowers and lavender.

These multi-use sachets are beautiful as well as useful. Perfect for keeping your drawers, wardrobes and linen cupboards smelling fresh.  The rosemary, juniper berries, chamomile flowers and lavender are great for repelling unwanted insects and moths ensuring your woollens and coats remain damage free.

Use the attached ribbon loop to hang easily in wardrobes or other areas in the home, put one in your dryer when drying your clothes to reduce musty smells or in your car to refresh the interior air.  Be indulgent and place under your pillow at night for a dreamy, stress-releasing sleep.

These are perfect for bridal shower favours, bridesmaid gifts, or a special treat for yourself.

A Scented Sachet will last for years. When sachet scent softens, gently squeeze to refresh and re-energise the scent.


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