Essentials For A Camping Trip (For Those Who Hate Camping)

Camping isn’t for everyone, however if you like it, we have the essentials for a camping trip. Trust me, all those bugs, cold nights and not to mention the uncomfortable and uneven ground to sleep on; it can be a nightmare for some people. However, there are ways you can go camping and not want to go home as soon as you step outside.

Be Comfy At Night
Nikki Horovitz, co-founder of tonic australia offers her priceless advice for a good camping trip. “For a camping trip to run smoothly you need to be getting a good night's sleep. Tents can often let the bright mornings' light in before you're ready to wake. If you want to relax and enjoy your trip having a good eye mask is essential. Another must-have is a cosmetic purse to store all of your toiletries and jewellery. The last thing you want to be doing is sifting through suitcases and bags when it's time to shower, buy a cosmetic bag that can easily store all of your favourite pieces in one spot. Lastly, a good shower cap is a must. Camping grounds with amenities are great, but having your own shower cap to keep your hair dry is very handy.” Find out more about tonic australia by following them on Facebook and Instagram.

Go “Glamping”
Mercedes Ireland from Cumberland Charter Yachts offers her advice for a good glamping session. "Glamping" - a new word for a type of travel, also known as glamorous camping. The first thought that comes to mind, is a luxe tent already pitched for you without the need to sacrifice the luxury of a nearby toilet, a comfy bed to sleep on, and somewhere to easily cook meals all the while enjoying the great outdoors. Have you ever thought about glamping on a bareboat in the Whitsundays? Bareboating (skipper yourself) allows you the freedom to hire a sailing or motor boat for you and your family or friends and choose the course of your holiday around the Whitsundays, all with the luxury comforts of home as well as experiencing the great outdoors. Experience star-filled nights in tranquil anchorages. Visit secluded bays and explore rainforest covered Islands. Sun yourself on world famous Whitehaven Beach or snorkel the fringing coral of the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park and come face to face with the abundant marine life. Tips: 1 Choose your boat. 2. choose your crew. 3. Choose the number of nights to cruise.” Find out more about Cumberland Charter Yachts by following them on FacebookInstagram and Twitter.

Get Yourself A Quality Fridge
Courtney Salvatore from Plan2Camp offers her advice for camping. “A good fridge to keep the food and more importantly the drinks really cold for as long as possible. The last thing you want to be doing when you are out in the middle of the bush is heading to town every day for a bag of ice to keep the drink cold.” Find out more about Plan2Camp by following them on Facebook and Instagram.

Bring A Mighty Mug
The Mighty Mug explain why you should take their innovative drinkware on your next camping trip. “Ideal for the outdoors, the Mighty Mug features patented Smartgrip technology which grips to any smooth, flat surface when you accidentally bump it, but magically lifts up naturally.
Place it on the camping table, camper van dashboard or even a table on the boat, and the Mighty Mug stays upright keeping your drinks full and your belongings dry. The ultimate camping essential.” Find out more about The Mighty Mug by following them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Muck Around With the Muck Boot
The Original Muck Boot Co share their camping advice. “The Original Muck Boot Co specialise in outdoor boots for the whole family perfect for all year round. Muck® Boots are built to take on the toughest conditions. All boots are made with the sole purpose of providing the most comfortable, high-performance outdoor footwear on the market. Whether it's for gardening, the snow or outdoors there is a style to suit any camper or outdoors lover.” Find out more about The Muck Boot Co by following them on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.

Bring Some Comfy Furniture
You can’t go camping and sit on the grass. You risk getting a soggy butt, grass stains and it’s just...gross. You should make sure that you’re sitting on some essential outdoor furniture, so you don’t end up with a wet and gross behind.

Camping doesn’t have to be a gross and un-fun event. Just make sure you have some essentials such as comfy pillows, outdoor furniture and a bunch of great friends, and you’ll be set!

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