Hot Water Bottles Set of 2 - Deluxe Neutrals

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Enjoy a moment of warmth and luxurious cosiness with our Deluxe Neutrals Hot Water Bundle.

Including two of our luxuriously soft Deluxe Hot Water Bottles in Caramel Cream and Mocha, it's a beautiful addition to your collection, or to share with loved ones. Each hot water bottle insert meets the British Standard and is an environmentally friendly way to reduce heating costs in the cooler months, or a gentle way to ease muscle tension and pain.

Directions for use: Hold the hot water bottle around the neck in an upright position. Twist open the stopper and carefully fill up the bottle two-thirds of capacity or less, with hot or warm water. Screw the stopper sufficiently tight to ensure there is no leakage. Check that the funnel is empty to prevent burns. DO NOT overfill. DO NOT use boiling water or water from a domestic hot water system. DO NOT sit on a filled hot water bottle. When not in use, drain completely and keep the stopper removed, in a cool, dry dark place with nothing on top of it. Prevent exposure to sunlight. This will assist with the life of the hot water bottle.

Dimensions: 36cm x 23cm x 4cm (unfilled, with cover on) Weight: 410g (each, with cover on)

Designed in Australia, Made in China.

Materials: Polyester Vegan Fur. Rubber Insert.

Spot Clean Only.

Conforms with the British Standards 1970:2012.