Purple Bell
Eco Sachet 1 Pack of 3 Sachets (88217)

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• Great for placing in drawers with your clothes and towels • Wards off bugs • Use ribbon loop to hang with your winter coats • Australian made

Dimensions: 11 × 11 × 3 cm
Weight: 90g

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“Purple Bell Eco Sachets”


These multi-purpose sachets are made from 100% cotton & filled with locally sourced lavender, cloves and rosemary and will keep your home smelling fresh and lovely year round with tonic’s eco sachets. Place them with your clothes and towels, hang them with your winter coats, or place them inside your drawers or wardrobe or place them under your pillow to aid relaxation at night and create the ultimate sense of calm and tranquility.

Lavender scent will last approximately one year. Shake every now and then to release the scent. It is not recommended to wash the bag as this will wash away the lavender scent.

These make beautiful wedding favors or gifts.

  • Scented Sachets / Scented Drawer Sachets.



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