Face Mask - Navy White Spot

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With the continuing spread of Covid-19 & Face Masks becoming a new way of life for many of us, TONIC has created a beautiful range of cotton face masks to protect you & your community. Featuring exciting new prints, we hope will add a bit of colour & cheer in these challenging times.

TONIC's face masks are expertly designed to offer protection with a triple layer of fabric and they also feature an internal pocket where a disposable filter can be inserted for an extra layer of protection. The Navy with White Spot face mask also features adjustable ear loops for a more comfortable fit.

Wearing a face mask protects you & the community by providing an additional physical barrier. By using a fabric Face Mask instead of a disposable mask you are not only helping the environment, you are also reducing the demand for disposable PPE in the healthcare system.

While a Tonic mask will act as a barrier, they are not medical grade or classified PPE.

Directions for Use :
Place your face mask over your nose & mouth and put the elasticated loops behind each ear. Adjust the loop size as needed ensuring the adjuster does not slip off the elastic.

Materials: Cotton / Polyelastane Straps

Wash after each wear
Cold Machine Wash

Designed in Australia Made in China


Dimensions: 20 × 10 × 1 cm
Weight: 40g