Meditation & Calming Gift Pack Poppy Floral

SKU: 62000PF

Lay back and relax as you begin to feel the gentle weight of our calming, Limited Edition Heat Pillow and Eye Pillow. Made in Australia, our Heat Pillow is hand filled with locally sourced Barley and Lavender and our Eye Pillow is hand filled with locally sourced Flaxseed and Lavender. Lavender works to calm the mind and spirit with a beautiful aroma while the warmth of the heat pillow relieves muscle aches, pain and tension on the body. Enjoy these products separately or together whilst meditating or relaxing. Perfect as a thoughtful gift to a loved one or friend.

Gift set arrives in a Tonic gift bag.

Designed and Made in Australia

Heat Pillow
Directions for use: Place your heat pillow in the microwave on high for 2 mins. Remove and gently place on body area. To cool, place in refrigerator until desired temperature.

Dimensions: 40 x 14 x 3cm
Weight: 800g

Eye Pillow
Directions for Use: Place your eye mask gently over your eyes and put the elasticated strap behind your head.

Dimensions: 10 × 2 × 20 cm
Weight: 150g