Small Comfort Gift Pack - Flannel Check

SKU: 62019FC
Treat a loved one (or yourself) with this Small Comfort Gift Pack. The 1 litre Flannel Hot Water Bottle will bring comfort and warmth all year round and includes the soft cotton flannelette cover that features a blended Australian wool lining, and the natural rubber hot water bottle that’s easy to fill and meets British Standards for leak-free reliability and the highest quality and safety.

The matching Eye Mask will eliminate excess light in any room as you cosy up with the hot water bottle and features a smooth satin backing that sits delicately across your eyes and brow, while the soft elasticised satin strap will keep the mask securely and comfortably in place while you relax.

This beautiful gift is presented in a Tonic Cotton Bag, making it ready to gift. Plus, add an extra personal touch by adding a personalised message for your gift recipient at checkout.


Small Hot Water Bottle

Directions for use: Hold the hot water bottle around the neck in an upright position. Twist open the stopper and carefully fill up the bottle two-thirds of capacity or less, with hot or warm water. Screw the stopper sufficiently tight to ensure there is no leakage. Check that the funnel is empty to prevent burns. DO NOT overfill. DO NOT use boiling water or water from a domestic hot water system. DO NOT sit on a filled hot water bottle. When not in use, drain completely and keep the stopper removed, in a cool, dry dark place with nothing on top of it. Prevent exposure to sunlight. This will assist with the life of the hot water bottle.

Dimensions: 30cm x 20cm x 4cm (unfilled, with cover on)
Capacity: 1 Litre
Weight: 320g (with cover on)
Designed in Australia, Made in China.
Materials: Cotton / Australian Wool/Viscose. 1L Rubber Insert.
Spot Clean Only.
Conforms with the British Standards 1970:2012.

Eye Mask

Directions for Use: Place your eye mask gently over your eyes and put the elasticated strap behind your head.

Dimensions: 10 × 2 × 20 cm
Weight: 40g
Designed in Australia. Made in China.
Materials: Cotton / Acetate Satin
Machine Washable