Our favourite organic products that help you be-YOU-tiful all winter long

Let's talk Organic Products. As we draw close to the middle of the year, the hustle and bustle of the season in conjunction with the colder Aussie months can leave us feeling a bit under the weather. Believe it or not, our skin speaks volumes about our lifestyle - more than we’d like! - so it’s important to shower yourself in extra love this winter.


We’ve listed our favourite organic products, that will not only leave your skin feeling fresh and fabulous, but your entire being.


Scented Goat’s Milk Soap – tonic australia ($14.95)

tonic’s organic Goat’s Milk Soap is the perfect primer for your body and a staple in the bathroom. Goat’s milk is filled with lots of lovely vitamins, including vitamin D, C and E, which will strengthen the skin and prevent dryness.  Not only that, but it is extremely moisturising due to a high fat molecule content. These moisturising properties can work as a natural anti-inflammatory, and help to provide relief from dry and itchy skin.

Turmeric Face Mask – Golden Grind ($24.95)


This turmeric facemask is worth its weight in gold! Turmeric has antiseptic and antibacterial properties that when applied directly to the face, will help to keep your skin clean and blemish free, fighting off pimples and breakouts and provide you with glowing, youthful skin. Golden Grind certainly knew what they were doing when they added this ingredient to their mask! Turmeric will also help to reduce inflammation and clear acne scars – an added bonus with your weekly scrub.


Soothing Face & Body Oil –  James St Organics ($42.00)

Who knew that our skin is still prone to dryness even after a good, nourishing cleanse? It’s essential to put the good stuff back into your skin once you take the bad stuff out! This sweet smelling face & body oil is perfect for the final step in skin replenishing. James St has combined apricot, sweet almond and sesame oils with healing Shea butter oil to calm even the most sensitive skin for the harsh winter months. It’s also a given that sesame oil can assist in reducing the appearance of sun damage and wrinkles, which still occurs in the cold!


There you have it, our favourite skin remedies to help you battle the winter blues. Lucky for you, we’re giving away this gorgeous skincare pack! Follow us on Instagram for more information on how you can win for you and a friend.


Love, tonic australia x­­