Designer Travel Accessories

Tonic’s collection of Australian designed Eye Masks are perfect for eliminating excess or unwanted light in any room. An ideal accessory for travel, ease into your flight and drift off to sleep with the help of a comfortable eye covering.

High Quality Eye Masks

We only use the highest quality materials for the ultimate in comfort. Our sleep masks are made with smooth satin backings and soft satin-covered elastic to ensure it stays in place for a deeper sleep experience, and we've also considered the softness of each piece to ensure a premium self care and wellness experience each time you use it. Discover a floral print, limited edition design, timeless linen or luxuriously soft cruelty-free faux fur options. There's a colour and texture to suit any style and anyone in your family.

Sleep Mask Benefits

Eye and sleep masks can provide a calming and soothing effect to help you to fall asleep faster and stay asleep for longer. They're also a great way to minimise the symptoms of migraines by blocking out sunlight and artificial lighting indoors. The elastic band that secures the mask to your head is gentle enough so as not to dig in to your forehead, temples or head.

Luxury Travel Gifts

The Tonic Eye Mask is a beautiful gift for the traveller in your life. Share a piece of everyday luxury with our travel gift sets with essential pieces for a more comfortable and luxe transit experience.