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Quality Hot Water Bottles

Tonic Hot Water Bottles include a premium, Australian designed cover and a British Standard hot water bottle insert. The benefits of using a Hot Water Bottle are great; they help to soothe tired muscles and ease menstrual cramps, while also being a gentle option for post-partum recovery.

How to Fill a Hot Water Bottle

If you’re seeking comfort and warmth, fill your Hot Water Bottle two thirds of the way with hot water (not boiling water) and ensure the lid is replaced tightly. They will stay warm for hours, so you can keep cosy on the couch or wherever you’re relaxing. Place one in your bed to pre-warm your blankets before you retire for the evening and enjoy the reduction in your electricity and energy usage.

Luxury Hot Water Bottles

Tonic offers a variety of hot water bottle shapes, sizes and fabrications. The regular 2 litre shape has a cover in a colour or material for everyone. Choose between the vegan, cruelty-free faux fur Deluxe collection that is luxuriously soft and cosy or the new Boucle, a premium curled fabrication. The long length 2 litre bottle is a unique shape perfect for cuddling up to as you relax. Perfect for winter nights, the small size flannel hot water bottle is lined with a beautiful Australian wool and viscose blend.

The Gift of Heat Therapy

Whether you're looking for warmth for yourself, your friends or your family, there's something for everyone in your life. Give the gift of wellness and luxury with Australian designed heat therapy products and accessories.