Our Story

From humble beginnings in the early nineties, founders Toni and Nikki began Tonic - (a combination of their names) and this year sees us celebrate thirty years of unique Australian design.

At its core, Tonic celebrates modern femininity, care, nurturing, beauty and the joy of giving. We understand our customer intimately. She aspires to lead a beautiful life and seeks little moments of pleasure every day.

 From the very beginning of Tonic, we’ve been conscious to avoid animal products to create our collections of luxury lifestyle accessories, nor did we need excess amounts of plastic packaging to safely transport our products from factory > warehouse > retailer/consumer. 

Our commitment to prioritising sustainable practices and ethical trade with our suppliers, supply chains and all aspects of our production is at the forefront of our business, which is why we implemented the notion of Eco Tonic. 

Years of designing and developing products in Australia
Heat pillows sold
Retail & boutique partners

Why are we different?

At Tonic we work with many brands, suppliers and retailers around the world. We understand consumer needs and we are passionate about creating products that are both practical and stylish. We are extremely proud of our team who work hard to achieve goals that move our business forward. We are a group of real people who care deeply about our customers, environment and product quality.  

  • Designed in Australia  
  • Leading heat pillow brand  
  • Registered designs - Tonic Jewellery Cube®  
  • Sustainable from the heart  
  • Unique designs  
  • Happiness guaranteed  

Our Story