After seeing a homeless man asleep on a park bench on a freezing night, Toni had the idea to take the coat of her back and to give it to the man, after-all she was heading back to her warm home. The idea to give the coat Off Your Back grew & we started a collection of unwanted coats that could be re-distributed to the staggering number of homeless people in Victoria. (In Australia 116,000 people are homeless on any given night. In Victoria alone an estimated 24,000 people are homeless, with many sleeping on the streets; in squats, tents or sidewalks.) (ABS 2018)

17 years later & nearly 100,000 coats have been donated through Victorians generous support via OFF YOUR BACK coat drives and through our collection points. The Salvation Army distribute the coats to ensure they get to Victorian’s most in need.

OFF YOUR BACK has managed to distribute these coats without one cent of money changing hands. Coat collections & drives with friends, schools, sporting clubs, workplaces, etc. have helped to facilitate this amazing community effort. We supply all the information you require to facilitate your Coat Drive. We simply ask that you drop the coats collected at one of our convenient drop off points or contact us for assistance.

We would love to expand OFF YOUR BACK, so if you have a space and would be willing to become a collection point we would be so grateful. There are so many people in need, so if you are too far from one of our drop off points, why not create your own Coat Drive and donate to a local homeless charity, unfortunately there are too many people who need them.

OFF YOUR BACK ensure your pre-loved items are going onto another life, to people who really need them.

The Coat Drive Runs throughout Winter June 1 – August 31.


For further information please go to

HELP KEEP A HOMELESS PERSON WARM THIS WINTER, by donating your unwanted coats through OFF YOUR BACK.