Heat Pillows & Heat Packs

The Tonic Heat Pillow is Australia's favourite luxury Heat Therapy accessory. Finished and filled here in Melbourne, Australia with locally sourced Barley and Lavender, we've sold over 1.5 million Australia-wide and globally. With varying fabrications to choose from such as classic velvet finishes, soft vegan friendly faux furs, limited edition Tonic prints, beautiful Liberty of London designs and limited edition Australian designs, there's something for everyone.

Heat & Cool Therapy

To enjoy the benefits of Heat Therapy and use it is simple. Gently warm your Heat Pillow in the microwave for 90 seconds to support in easing the symptoms of muscle aches and pains, postpartum recovery, abdominal and menstrual cramps, muscle stiffness and helps with sleep and muscle stiffness. Or cool it down by placing it in the freezer to assist in decreasing inflammation and gently numbing a strained area. Each Heat Pillow and Heat Wrap is flexible enough to use across your shoulders, neck and torso.

Premium Barley & Lavender Filling

Tonic products offer a moment of everyday luxury. Made with only the highest quality natural or cruelty-free fabrics, and filled with Lavender and Barley instead of wheat like most other products, Tonic's offering is premium and the perfect gift for a new mum, sisters, aunties, friends and family alike. The subtle colours of the Velvet collection make for beautiful presents for the minimalist in your life, while the printed and patterned fabrics are a fun and unique gift for people who love to express themselves through colour.