Meditation & Calming Gift Pack Evening Bloom

SKU: 62000EB

Meditation & Calming Gift Pack Evening Bloom

Relax and rejuvenate your mind & spirit with our Meditation & Calming Gift Pack in our beautiful Evening Bloom floral print.

Featuring our heat pillow, which will relax & alleviate stress & and our eye pillow which will soothe & help you meditate peacefully. The heat pillow is filled with a soothing blend of locally sourced barley and lavender while the eye pillow features aromatic flaxseed & lavender.

Please note: Colours may vary slightly from those shown due to variations in the fabric and the manufacturing process.

Pack includes
Heat Pillow
Eye Pillow
100% Cotton Gift Bag

Material composition:
Heat Pillow : 100% Cotton outer filled with Australian barley and lavender
Eye Pillow : 100% Cotton outer with Polyester Satin backing filled with Australian flaxseed and lavender

Country of manufacture: fabric outers made in China / filled in Australia with all natural Australian ingredients

Directions for use
Heat Pillow: Simply put your heat pillow in the microwave and heat on high for two minutes. Remove the heat pillow and put directly on your neck or ache to relax and reduce tension. You can also cool your heat pillow in the refrigerator and apply in the same manner to offer cool relief and reduce swelling or bruising if required.

Eye Pillow: Place your eye pillow gently over your eyes, can also be cooled in the fridge.